Effective solutions

How about ease of use with your Web User Interface?  What About Training?


All menus within our system are graphically driven - utilizing standard pull-down menus, right-click popup menus - navigating and commanding logically placed hot links.  Our graphical depiction of each type of HVAC equipment offers the "easiest to use interface in the industry."  This results in a minimal amount of customer training required for experienced HVAC personnel.  Quite often, in-depth training is only necessary for the advanced programming features of our system.

ControlWorks offers a unique approach to user training as a result of our past experience with the training of our existing customers.  During the first month of operation, after the system is accepted, we offer as many training sessions as you many require, to all qualified personnel, free of charge.  We will also provide, free of charge, basic, intermediate or advanced training anytime during the warranty period in our facility.

What does this mean for you?  Each time a new facility employee is hired, training is handled by our factory-certified personnel.  When current facility employees with to learn advanced features and concepts, we're there with the knowledge and expertise that you need.