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What makes a controls company successful? Great employees and great customers. We have both.

Welcome to ControlWorks!

For many years ControlWorks has earned its reputation for Excellence. ControlWorks offers unmatched customer service, training, technical support and a full range of services. ControlWorks is a full-service organization offering complete System Integration Software solutions, Energy "Dashboard" diagnostics, and traditional Direct Digital Control HVAC controls solutions. We have local offices in Orange Country, San Diego, Los ANgeles, and Las Vegas, NV. With over fifty people on staff, a large portion of our employees are dedicated to ControlWorks Service giving us the ability to respond quickly to any of your needs.

Control Systems

ControlWorks Controls is an authorized factory dealer for many LON Mark and BACnet Control Systems giving us direct access to factory engineers and technical support. In the unlikely event that your installation experiences technical difficulties that cannot be resolved locally, the ControlWorks staff has the resources and support services to have factory engineers at your site to resolve any issues.

Technical Service Programs

Regular on-site visits by factory representatives to review your system operation and make suggestions for improvement.

Best In Class

We share in the resources and strength of the world's largest supplier of products, system, solutions and services in the building technology sector.

Why should you use an Open Systems Technology?

ControlWorks gives you all the advantages of a truly open system - optimized for HVAC control and building automation, with the flexibility to integrate LonWorks, BACnet, MODbus, Profibus and many other communication protocols. This means interoperable products and applications running on a single platform, no matter how many different vendors those products come from, all the while presenting a consistent interface to the end user.

Our versatile user interface with an internet connection or wireless Web device, allows authorized users the ability to "Control their Building Environment" utilizing any Web Browser, on any computer platform, from anywhere in the world. It is no longer necessary to limit yourself to proprietary software application with licensing fees for each and every access computer.

How about ease of use with your Web User Interface? What About Training?

All menus within our system are graphically driven - utilizing standard pull-down menus, rightclick popup menus - navigating and commanding logically placed hot links. Our graphical depiction of each type of HVAC equipment offers the "easiest to use interface in the industry." This results in a minimal amount of customer training required for experienced HVAC personnel. Quite often, in-depth training is only necessary for the advanced programming features of our system.

ControlWorks offers a unique approach to user training as a result of our past experience with the training of our existing customers. During the first month of operation, after the system is accepted, we offer as many training sessions as you many require, to all qualified personnel, free of charge. We will also provide, free of charge, basic, intermediate or advanced training anytime during the warranty period in our facility.

What does this mean for you? Each time a new facility employee is hired, training is handled by our factory-certified personnel. When current facility employees with to learn advanced features and concepts, we're there with the knowledge and expertise that you need.

How do we access the system?

The system graphics are accessed utilizing a web browser of your choice over an ethernet connection. The system may be connected directly to the primary system controller, also called a Network Manager (TNM), for a dedicated one-workstation only connection OR it can be connected to an existing network allowing access from any workstation on the network. The system may also be accessed on the internet if an internet connection is provided by the owners IT team. An internet connection provides access to the system from almost anywhere in the world.

What about expandability?

Your LONmark or BACnet system currently installed is fully capable to meet all the needs of your facility. Wheather you're a small building or a large facility, we offer scalable solutions to meet the needs of your site. All the way to fully integrating components such as electrical and BTU meters that will automatically generate billing for your occupants such as electrical and digital form to enterprise systems that are already in-place. Card-access, digitial CCTV and fire alarm/life safety systems become a natural extension onto the system. Integration with other enterprise Facility Management Systems is easily accomplished by the use of commonly utilized protocols... all with easy-to-use, easy-to-understand user interfaces without the need for proprietary software required on specific workstations.

What about the reliability and integrity of the system components?

ControlWorks LONmark and BACnet Control Solutions have a reputation for excellent system reliability. Our own experience with the products has proven our individual components to be "one of the most reliable systems" that are available. Additionally, we use industry proven field devices (actuators and sensors) with a proven track record.

ControlWorks is a single-source supplier for high-quality open system controls, all covered by our simple "owner satisfaction guarantee".

With ControlWorks, all control system components and HVAC products are 100% factory tested prior to shipment. They are full tested and backed with an industry leading 12 month guarantee on electronic products and up to a 5 year "We'll Make It Right" guarantee on end devices. We are so confident about the products provided by ControlWorks that we extend the factory warranty at an additional six (6) months on all electronic products.

What about Warranty?

ControlWorks Engineering offers 1 year, (from substantial completion), parts and labor against defects in materials or workmanship. At ControlWorks, warranty is not just warranty.

Our Warranty is your guarantee of your customer satisfaction which goes far beyond just repairing the things that break. We are always available to ensure your facility will receive the greatest value for your investment. What you will NOT be getting is an invoice every time your facility operator calls us with a question about our system or about how something is programmed to operate.

As a matter of fact, a majority of our business comes by "word-of-mouth" referrals from our previously satisfied customers.

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 highest priority.